Website Design Primer: Common Concepts and Jargon Explained

Friday, October 7, 2011 at 02:31PM
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This exclusive new article is written to help those who are new to web design understand the basic concepts and jargon associated with the process. It's ideal if you're thinking about getting your first website and want to prepare yourself for entering into discussion with a web developer.

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New webfilm production: Beer YHA

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 04:44PM
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Jon Norman from Beer YHA wanted to make a promotional film showing the Beer YHA youth hostel. The film was shot over two days including a special event for The Big Lunch.

We used all the gear to put this film together, making good use of the jib and tracking equipment to get some really stylish and cinematic shots. The film follows our 'webfilm' format, based on an interview and cutting away to shot to give context and maintain an exciting rhythm.

This film runs a bit longer than a typical webfilm due to the extra number of points Jon wanted to make. The film is also designed to be distributed on DVD where the longer running time would be expected. It still works equally well online, however.

The Beer YHA is a stunning building set in the charming seaside town of Beer on the south coast of Devon.

New SetSeed powered website design: Antonia Chick Photography

Monday, August 1, 2011 at 02:50PM
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Antonia Chick Photography came to Phototropic for a website that let her sell her photography prints, display her work as well as control her own content with SetSeed.

Antonia heard about us from Limited Company Band, who we've worked with for both web design and filmmaking projects. One of the reasons she came to us was because she'd heard about SetSeed and how easy it makes controlling her own content.

Having worked on a number of photography websites in the past, I enjoyed working on Antonia's site. She wanted a very 'clean' look to the site, giving her pictures the space to come across on the website.

Another requirement we had from Antonia was the she wanted to be able to offer a simple checkout system for her clients to purchase prints from a gallery. Because SetSeed has a PayPal shop, image gallery and password protection built in, we were able to set up her site to achieve this with ease.

SetSeed features used by Antonia Chick Photography:

Images and image galleries

Blog system to post news and updates

Contact forms

Flexible shop system to sell photo prints

Password protection for pages

Automatic version control and drafts

This is what Antonia Chick said about our service:

I couldn't be happier with my website. I presented Phototropic with a fairly vague initial brief yet I was amazed at how Ben actually seemed to understand me and picture what it was that I wanted. When I first saw the finished mock up, it was exactly as I had seen it in my head. Brilliant. Using my site couldn't be easier - even for the slightly more technically challenged such as myself! I have total control and can instantly update my site at any time - I can literally take a photo, edit it and add it to my site and see the result in real time. The training videos that are provided are excellent and comprehensive and the general support from Phototropic is brilliant. Very happy!

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