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Filmed black tailed godwits and avocets at Bowling Green Marsh nature reserve, Topsham

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 12:52PM
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On Saturday (20th March) I filmed these black tailed godwits, avocets, widgeon, grey heron, and a little egret at the Bowling Green Marsh RSPB nature reserve in Topsham. This sequence is just roughly cut together and isn’t meant to be viewed as much more than a selection of clips from a morning's filming.

I used my new Sigma 100-300 F4 lens with my Sony EX3 to get these shots. I was very lucky to get to the reserve and find the black tailed godwits about 15 feet away from the hide! A flock of bar tailed godwits were also on the reserve, visible in the first shot of this sequence.

Filmed a peregrine falcon on my roof

Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 08:08PM
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Filmed this afternoon on the roof of my house. I looked out the window and saw feathers floating around, and heard all sorts of activity on the roof. So I went outside and found myself staring face to face with this formidable predator. Dashed back in to get camera and managed to get a few shots. The peregrine actually dropped the bird off the roof as he was mobbed by seagulls and crows.

Short film featuring Badgers, a Green Woodpecker, a Nuthatch, a Robin and my Parents!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 01:43PM
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Over the weekend before last, I shot a short film in the magnificent garden at my parent‚Äôs new house using our new Sony EX3. They have a very active badger sett and the garden is teaming with wildlife. The badgers came right up to the house in the evening and, oblivious to the automatic flood light, I could film them from just a few feet away. 

I had great fun practising with our new camera, a Sony EX3, which I used on our 17' crane as well as with the excellent Adaptimax adaptor and a Nikon 70-300mm lens for getting up close to the birds. When used with the Adaptimax, the lens will have a crop factor of 5.4 so it's like using a 1620mm lens which is quite amazing. Looking forward to getting a 50-500mm Sigma eventually though. 

The amount of wildlife my parents have in their garden is amazing. I managed to get some reasonable shots of a Green woodpecker, a juvenile Nuthatch and a Robin which are in the film. 

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