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Written by Ben Vallack on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 02:39PM
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Ramsay Maunder Associates came to Phototropic to create a new website to replace their dated, hard to control website. SetSeed was the solution they needed to allow fast, reliable changes to be made to their site in-house. Learn more about our Bath, Bradford-on-Avon & Devizes website design service.

Whats more, only a few emails were needed from us before Angus from RMA was fully capable of using SetSeed to control the content on his website. Our comprehensive video instruction library made it easy for Angus to discover just how easy to use SetSeed is.

SetSeed features used by RMA:

Page Preview and Version Control

Task based interface

RSS Feeds



Contact Forms


This is what Angus Ramsay from Ramsay Maunder Associates said about us:

RMA develop and sell specialist software to engineers around the world and a quality website is critical to this activity. We approached Phototropic with the clear objective to develop a high quality company website for which the site content could be managed by RMA.

There were two aspects to this work, firstly the design of the site, how it looks and feels, and secondly the content management system (CMS in the jargon). Working with RMA, Phototropic quickly designed a website template suitable for our needs.

Phototropic’s CMS, which is called SetSeed, was then used by RMA to add content to the site, new articles, new pages etc.

SetSeed, which is developed by Phototropic, is flexible and straight forward to use and enables us to change site content immediately. It also provides access to the so-called Meta Tags used in search engine optimisation, allowing us to select keywords so that our site is easily found by our prospective customers.

During the development of the site and the learning of SetSeed, Ben Vallack of Phototropic has been highly responsive – even to the point of responding directly to email requests for assistance sent out of business hours.

The result is that RMA have obtained precisely what they asked for; a high quality website the content of which can be managed in-house. This was all done on time and in budget and leaves RMA with confidence that their website is in professional hands.

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