New SetSeed powered website design: Muddifords Court Country House

Written by Ben Vallack on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 02:46PM
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When Nicky and Pip took over the luxury Muddifords Court Country House with it's unique bed and breakfast rooms, they needed to establish a strong web presence and do well on search engines.

Design was important to the client as the website needed to convey the luxury of the rooms and house. The client was thrilled with the contrast, colour and typography that we came up with for the site, as well as the new logo design.

The website is powered by SetSeed to allow full control over the content by Nicky and Pip.

SetSeed features used by Muddifords Court Country House:

Page Preview and Version Control

Task based interface

Image Galleries

RSS Feeds


Email Newsletter

Contact Forms



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