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'Promotional Webfilm' package

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The most affordable way to get a stunning webfilm on your website. With prices starting at just £190 it's a great way of adding value, interest and social proof to your website. This package is based around a half-day shoot, using our basic camera, tripod and overhead mic equipment.

'Advanced Promotional Webfilm' package

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Starting at just £400 this package will get you a knock-out film for your website. Based on a whole day's shoot, and using all of our cinematic crane and tracking equipment (if appropriate) to get breathtaking shots, the film will really get attention on your site and bring your message to life.


Beer YHA

Promotional Webfilm
A sightly longer running time webfilm, suitable for use on DVD as well as a website, to promote the YHA Beer Youth Hostel.

Shillingford Organics

Promotional Webfilm
A short promotional webfilm for organic vegetable farm Shillingford Organics. This will accompany a further series of mini-films on more specific topics, which will form a video library for their website.

Brian Greaves

Promotional Webfilm
A short promotional webfilm for artist blacksmith Brian Greaves. Brian lives and works on a narrowboat and has a traditional forge onboard where he makes his steel sculptures.

Fantastic Illuminations

Training Webfilm
A short training webfilm for Fantastic Illuminations. The film shows how to connect one the products that is sold by Fantastic Illuminations and will help promote the product as well support it's use.

WWT London Wetland Center

Promotional Documentary
A 15 minute promotional documentary we created for the WWT to commemorate their 10th anniversary. The film is shown in a gallery upstairs at the WWT London Wetland Center in Barnes. Wildlife and landscape shots feature strongly throughout the film.

Pass Her By

Experimental short film
A short fictional film we made as an experiment in the language of fictional narrative filmmaking.

Wind in the Willows

DVD theatre production (trailer)
A video production for DVD which covered a live theatrical performance by the Tale Valley Community Theatre. We filmed from different locations on three separate performances to achieve multiple angles without using an expensive multi-camera shoot.

Limited Company Band

Promotional webfilm
A promotional webfilm reel for events and wedding band, Limited Company Band. The film is made up of short sequences of different songs to give a flavour of a gig in 10 minutes.

New Talking Heads

DVD theatre production (trailer)
A video production for DVD which was based on a sereis of theatrical monologues performed by Tale Valley Community Theatre. The filmic versions were storyboarded and performed specifically for the film and used minimal props on a black backdrop set.

Production stills


Sony EX3 HD video camera

Fully wind-shielded condenser Sennheiser ME66/K6 microphone

Sony A1E HD video camera

B Hague K16DV jib (crane to allow smooth camera movement from ground to 4.5m high)

B Hague K14 jib (crane to allow smooth camera movement from ground to 2m high)

Glidetrack (1m horizontal track for super-smooth tracking and push/pull shots)

6m floor track and dolly for long tracking shots

Sigma 100-300mm F4 lens for wildlife work

3 point lighting kit with diffusion umbrellas and reflector

Vinten 3AS tripod for effortlessly smooth shake-free camera movement

Libec T102 tripod legs for use with jibs

17" MacBook Pro with Final Cut Studio